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Everything you need to know about motorcycle insurance

The motorbike insurance are policies that are more evolved in recent years. Currently, there are more motorcycles circulating on our roads and, in fact, already represent around 5% of the insured vehicles, which is to reflect that the number of motorcyclists has grown during these years.


The analysis of the coverage of Scooter Insurance that is contracted in our country, offers an interesting image of the preferences shown by customers of this type of policy to protect their safety and that of those who accompany them in their vehicle. Preferences that are undoubtedly determined by other factors such as the price of the various guarantees and the configuration of insurance offers for these two-wheelers, in addition to the uses and needs that each rider has when choosing which coverages they interest him.


However, it can even be surprising to see which are the coverages that have a greater presence among the motorcycle policies. Beyond Third Party Insurance , many will be surprised to see that Legal Defense coverage is present in 8 out of 10 Motorcycle Insurance contracts in force. It is one of the guarantees that many insurers incorporate into their basic offer, which explains to a large extent their ample insurance rate. However, under the conditions of the policy the limits of this guarantee are established, whose scope may vary from one insurer to another.


Another guarantee that is mostly present in the motorcycle policies is that which covers the damages that may be suffered by the passengers of the vehicle, mainly motorists. The coverage of Occupants is present in 74.1% of the policies in force and is one of the most important, since any accident with a motorcycle can be dangerous for those who go up in it.


The services and coverage for Assistance to injured motorcycles are very varied, and their scope depends mainly on the price of the policy. In any case, in general this coverage offers assistance to the motorcycle in case of breakdown, for lack of fuel or puncture. In addition, it usually includes a welfare service for the driver and the occupants of the vehicle, which facilitates the transfer when the motorcycle can not continue to circulate.

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